My name is John Moorhead.

John Moorhead

I have been the Managing Director of The Punchline Comedy Club. For the last 10 years I have studied and worked with comedians and performers of all kinds. There are literally thousands of comedians and performers working today; a limited number are excellent, more are average and others are downright awful!

When I started The Punchline Comedy Club in the early 90’s I lived in Hong Kong and was reliant on somebody at a distance sending me comedians whom I had never seen before.

More often than not, they were disappointing. Moreover, the person sending the performers knew nothing about the expatriate scene in Asia, Asia itself or the significance of there being Asians in the audience.

I moved to the UK in 1995 and since then I have viewed comedians and performers all over the UK! I have built up an extensive base of the highest quality comedians and performers in the country. They are leading performers of all nationalities who have had extensive experience on stage and on television, some with their own TV shows! An example of quality performers I work with is the cast of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” whom I represent in Asia.

In addition to staging regular Punchline shows, I have been supplying quality performers to company events for many years. When a comedian or performer is booked through me there is an assurance of getting the best available talent. Other companies cannot promise this, because they follow the practice of requesting a middle man to provide a performer, not only making it more expensive, but as I know from my own experience, there is also no assurance that the performer will be any good! Only PUNCHLINE CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT can guarantee that the performer will be first class. That’s because the performer has been chosen by me!

Whether your event is for expatriates, Asian or a mix of nationalities, I can ‘hand pick’ a performer or performers who will fit your event. What’s more, I go directly to the performer and that keeps the cost down.

Here’s what some of my previous clients say…

“The performer John Moorhead supplied turned out to be one of the highlights of the evening, interacting brilliantly with the audience. He finished with a sketch that had Asia’s leading financial economist, Dr Jim Walker and the whole audience in tears of laughter. We raised over HK$1m on the night and that the event should now become an annual occasion was in a long way due to the enjoyment provided by the performer and Punchline Corporate Entertainment.”

Andrew Riddick – Director CLSA Ltd.

“John Moorhead of The Punchline Comedy Club was a pleasure to work with, a complete professional at all times. There were no problems at any point in negotiations or on the night of the event – only solutions! John brought the cast of “Whose Line is it Anyway?” in 2000 and Paul Zerdin in 2001 and they were fantastic! Money extremely well spent, I would highly recommend John Moorhead and Punchline Corporate Entertainment to anyone who wants a risk free and experienced company to work with.”

Miss Orla Gilroy Special Events Manager, The British Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong

“John supplied two brilliant comedians who complimented each other absolutely perfectly. He was very professional to work with and impressed us so much we have already given him the dates for next years conference!”

Mr John Collet Director Candle Software Ltd

“Punchline and John Moorhead were fantastic! We needed some corporate entertainment and the comedian John sent us was brilliant, a great way to finish our conference. John Moorhead clearly has access to the top rated talent in the UK…”

Alex Hill Director Indosuez WI Carr Securities