The Punchline Comedy Club was founded by John Moorhead in Hong Kong in 1994. It was an immediate success, attracting enthusiastic audiences to entertainment by renowned comedians from the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. It quickly became a monthly feature of the Hong Kong entertainment scene.

The Hong Kong venture was followed by Punchline shows in Beijing, (John took the first comedian to China) Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Vietnam. More will follow!

John’s personal relationships with simply the best comedians in the entertainment business allows him to select comedians to ensure that every show meets local demand. All the comedians are recognized and highly respected for their TV, theatre and live appearances.

John Moorhead has had personal experience on Asian television throughout Asia and the Middle East. He was a presenter for the STAR TV Network, in fact a familiar face on Asian TV. This has won him access to numerous publications and promotional vehicles in Asian countries, with regular interviews by national dailies, feature magazines, live radio and TV, giving very broad exposure to sponsors.

John Moorhead on stage at the Go-down in 1994

John Moorhead on stage at the Go-down in 1994

The standing of John’s Punchline Comedy Club in Asian cities justifies the euphoria surrounding the shows and the overwhelming support received from comedians, audiences and sponsors. The Punchline Comedy Club was the first in Asia and is simply the best in Asia!